ITOVI Referral Network

iTOVi is a portable, handheld nutritional scanner that is taking the market by storm. To order, visit and be sure to use one of our referral links on this page in order to be included in our referrer network.  Essential OS is not affiliated with the iTOVi company other than via a standard customer relationship. We have no fiduciary interest in their company.

To order, please visit or click on one of the links posted to the right for the current referrer, and once you've ordered, shoot us an email. Note: the referrer IDs on this page change each time the page is refreshed. To be included on this list, send an email to with subject "ITOVI Referral Program" in the title.

Order from one of our posted Referrers in order to get 10 post credits on our site, visit our Facebook page for more information.  By posting in our Facebook page or writing to us to request a listing on our site, you agree to furnish accurate listing information and to hold EssentialOS and its management harmless from any action or lack thereof resulting from listing your referral ID on our website or facebook page.

Facebook Referrer Network

This referral network is different from others you might find on Facebook since it's more democratic (it's not a pyramid you can never hope to get to the top of, instead we rotate everyone who needs referers in fairly) and you don't need to purchase your device through one of our referrers in order to participate.

Here's how you can participate:
1.  Purchase an iTOVi device using one of our posted referral partners (10 points)

2. Like and Share this page on your Facebook Page (1 point)

3. Send us an email with your info to (1 point)

4. Nominate a friend to participate in this network by tagging them on this post (1 point for you, 1 point for them when they join our network by LIKING, SHARING, POSTING or TAGGING)

5. Like/Share our Wellness Advocates page on Facebook (1 point)

As you can see, you can get a total of 14 points  toward your own referrals - everyone who needs referrals will go on to the rotation list once for every point they have earned, and that list will be randomly displayed on the website and featured on this page daily. If you have already gotten your 5 referrals, please let us know so we can take down your ad (this group is to help people get their 5 so let's share the love and spread it around!

Suggestions or comments? Email

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